About Us

My name is John Mbugua, and my family and I live in a small suburb of Nairobi Kenya.  Our company specializes in tying high-quality, standard and custom patterns, and selling them direct to fly shops and guides at below wholesale prices.

My good friend, Peter Uduori, and I started out with him tying and me trying to find people who wanted custom flies tied to their specifications.  Peter, who comes from western Kenya near the lake region, now oversees 8 tyers, quality control, and works with new tyers that we bring in and train to tie carefully and precisely.

Our staff is a combination of our families, and young people who have moved to Nairobi in hopes of finding work.  Unfortunately, there is not much work unless you have a skill, and the recent droughts have caused food shortages and price increases on virtually everything.  With our help, these young people learn a skill that can help support themselves and their families.

If you have bought flies from the big wholesalers, you probably know that many of those flies are tied here in Kenya, or in other countries that have low labor costs such as Sri Lanka and Thailand.  With us, you are cutting out the middle man and dealing directly with the people who tie your flies, and saving at least 50% over what you can get from a wholesaler in the States.

And, unlike many other companies, we stand behind every fly we tie.  If you don't like the color or you feel that a fly did not hold up well under fishing conditions, we will replace those flies at no cost to you.

You may want to hear what our customers say about us.  Click here to see what Chris Conway of Wild Basin Outfitters has to say about World Class Flies.

From the humble beginnings of just five customers, we hope to grow our company along with yours.  May God bless you and your family.

"Kenya John"


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