Freshwater Patterns


Below is pricing for standard patterns:

Price per Dozen
Nymphs & Midges $3.50
Beadhead Nymphs $4.25
Dry & Attractor Patterns $3.50
Wet & Streamer Flies $4.25
Conehead Streamers $4.25 to $5.75
Tungsten beads & cones, and specialty hooks will increase the cost of the prices listed above.









These prices are based on a minimum order of 100 dozen.  We will accept smaller orders, but the price will increase.

We would be glad to provide you with several sample fly patterns.  Tell us the fly name, size, and any special instructions on how you like them tied. 

Custom patterns are priced upon request, and after we have received a sample from you and the recipe.  Many of the custom patterns we tie are priced the same as those listed above, but it will depend upon complexity and the materials required.

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