My name is Chris Conway and I own and operate Wild Basin Outfitters in Allenspark, Colorado.  On our guided fly fishing trips we supply all the flies for our clients at no additional charge, so I needed a source that would tie high-quality flies at rock bottom prices.

Unlike many other tyers who have contacted me, John agreed to send 10 sample patterns free of charge before our first order.  The color, dimensions and quality were perfect, and we have since ordered over 500 dozen flies from John.

We now stock several thousand flies for resale at our shop, all of which come from John.  We have tried small orders with other companies, but none have met the quality and price that John has provided us.

To be honest, there have been a couple of patterns that we didn't like the color on.  To John's credit, he replaced the flies quickly and at no cost to us.  He stands behind his work, and his word is good.

If you would like more information on John and his company, feel free to give me a call. 

Chris Conway
Wild Basin Outfitters, Ltd.

Tel. 970-535-4779

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